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"Hand-built jewelry with an architectural approach to design"





As a child, I would sit under the weeping willow tree in my backyard and play for hours digging for rocks, building forts and imagining fantastic journeys to faraway places. Always creative, in college I chose to study architecture. That sheltering weeping willow tree in my backyard always reminded me that `place' is what grounds us and moves us. Architectural forms and details float in my brain, always ready to offer up a great shape or pattern. Onion domes and mosaics make me giddy with excitement!


After starting a family, I decided to concentrate on building smaller things.... making jewelry afforded me a chance to stay home with my kids while still being able to apply my design skills and interest in stones in a creative way.


Each of my pieces is designed with shape, technique, and tradition in mind, but a modern sensibility is added. I use cast and hand-fabricated silver elements to create jewelry which- whether simple or more complicated- has a richness in character, lent from the stones I use as well as the process of making and finishing.


My architectural design training is the foundation of each creation, from sketching to building a piece of jewelry. I received a BA from the University of Maryland, and a Master’s from the University of Texas. I have taught, and written articles for Art Jewelry Magazine and Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. My love of form, pattern, texture and beauty weaves through my collections in a subtle but substantial way.


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